Our approach

We design and create bespoke games for learning and awareness purposes. What differentiates us is our positioning and our approach.
We are positioned in between creative studios developing games for entertainment only and educational gaming companies applying gamification to create engaging learning material. We are applying the best of both worlds.
Our approach starts with inception and then development of a complete game for entertainment purposes. Then, design a new version of the game based on the learning objectives it will serve. We call our approach “learnification” as opposed to gamification which usually gives poor results in terms of learner engagement and knowledge acquisition. In our games, players truly learn by playing and don’t play to learn.


Custom Minecraft Games

Conceptualise, design and create custom Minigames, Puzzles, Adventure or Roleplay games for learning and awareness.

Escape Rooms

Customisable escape rooms where players need to gain and apply new knowledge to solve puzzles and complete challenges to escape.

Educational Maps

We value collaboration and teamwork, working closely with our clients to ensure their needs are met.

Courses and Lesson Plans

Complete courses delivered through Minecraft Education and Lesson Plans split between age groups and teaching subjects (e.g. history, physics, environment)


Skins for customising player appearence, texture packs for different teaching subjects, custom mobs and NPCs
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