Custom Minecraft Games

In today’s digital landscape, businesses and education providers are seeking innovative ways to engage their audience and leave a lasting impact. Knowledge games can serve this well.
Our worlds are expertly crafted based on the unique vision of each client, resulting in unforgettable gaming experiences.

Pre-production phase

We apply the concept of “Learnification” to create the game
concepts of our Minecraft experiences.
The process starts with the planning, mapping, scheduling,
research and gathering of resources for the next steps.

01 Concept Development

The main concept is expanded by finalising elements such as the world's scope, gameplay mechanics, level mapping, characters, storyline, and more.

02 Storyboarding

A storyboard offers a visual interpretation of the script. The main scenes are drawn, depicting the characters and their actions, main structures, sequence of events.

03 Learnification

The learning objectives based on the learner needs and the associated learning mechanics are integrated to the storyboard.

04 Game Blueprint

This document outlines what the game is about, the main building blocks, the development stages and the task of each actor.

05 Prototype

A game prototype is produced to interactively communicate to the client the main ideas behind the game concept and serve as a validation instrument for a Go/No-Go decision.

Production Phase

During the production phase we develop the complete game with the entire team working together to carry out:

01 3D Modeling

Many of the visual parts need to be built from scratch.

02 Level Action

The action and objectives of each level, as well as how the player is guided towards the next level.

03 Animation

3D elements are animated to bring the storyboard to life.

04 Texturing

Texturing is applied to all 3D models' static meshes, using a library of textures.

05 Interactivity

Functions and interactivity are added to keep players engaged and progress in the game.

06 Artificial Intelligence

AI driven agents react to player actions and decisions, serving as the customized "brain" of the game with complex algorithms.

07 Cinematics

Cinematics may provide players with hints, character information, maps, and more. They appear between gameplay sessions to assist players in their progress.

Post Production Phase

All the peripheral tasks for going live

01 Sounds and Visual Effects

Combines all necessary audio elements and visual effects to enhance game visuals.

02 QA

Testers check the game for playability and glitches, providing valuable feedback.

03 Game Refinment

Improving playability, sound and visuals based on feedback.

04 Packaging

Game artwork is selected and used for packaging, marketing, posters, online ads, trailers, etc.

Want to turn your idea into a Minecraft project?

We’d love to hear from you and shape your idea into a Minecraft game which will build a rewarding experience for your audience.
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