Courses and Lesson Plans

One of the biggest benefits of Minecraft is collaborative learning. An entire class of up to 30 learners can play together in a world. Learners join the world and can collaborate in pairs or groups.
We harness the power of collaborative learning to deliver engaging courses on any subject in collaboration with subject matter experts.

Our approach to designing content for Minecraft incorporates the following considerations:


  • We start by defining with the customer the amount of content to be put in the lesson with a view to ensure a high quality result. The scope comprises also the identification of:
  • Learning obectives
  • Activities
  • Chapters
  • World build and additional art
  • Features and mechanics
  Our instructional design experience helps overcome this critical hurdle without extending scope at the expense of quality and learner engagement.


Minecraft’s scale unit is the block and Scale concerns the build scale of the Minecraft world to be implemented and the importance of each block. A block is one meter squared and the world build height is 256 meters high (immersion – real world scale). When designing a world, Scale determines how the players will interact and has an impact also on the lenght of the lesson. So, Scale is necessary to determine the time to build and the time to complete the lesson.


Our content aims at challenging the player’s intellect but is equally engaging and fun for all the different player types and levels it targets. By carefully defining the difficulty we manage to create more challenging game courses. Utilising experience and design skills we avoid introducing unintentional difficulty through poor design, build execution or confusing messaging.


We put extra focus on creative mechanics for assessing what players have learned progressively, during the course (embedded assessment). Our approach to embedded assessment utilises mechanics which result in players learning without realising it as they apply newely acquired knowledge and skills to progress through the game.

Want to turn your idea into a Minecraft project?

We’d love to hear from you and shape your idea into a Minecraft game which will build a rewarding experience for your audience.
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