The players are in a pirate ship and have found an island that is rumored to hold 6 different treasures! In order to find the treasure, the players have to apply their mathematical knowledge.

The setting is a tropical island, with a large jungle, rocky shores and a pirate ship. The goal is for each student to follow the clues in order to find the PEMDAS blocks and then place them to the pirate ship in the correct order. The game includes mazes and platforming challenges (Where the players are required to go from point A to point B) as well as math related multiple choice questions.

In the game, players should:

  1. Know what the order of operations is.
  2. Be able to apply their knowledge on different examples.

This is achieved by integrating the key-word: “PEMDAS” into the story, while also providing examples of its application at a game environment.

Each player is set to find first 6 different blocks, each labelled with P,E,M,D,A and S respectively. This will be done by solving PEMDAS related problems. (eg: 12*(12+3) = a) 180 b) 147 c)48 d)50). Later they have to place each block to the correct place (in the correct order) and claim their trophy. Record can be kept of the false answers (anonymously) and later be discussed in the classroom. The difficulty level of the questions can vary. (And thus, be targeted to students of higher grades). The nature of this game course will allow for a multiplayer experience, as well as single player. The questions will be the same to all players, and will appear at one player at a time, only when they initiate the act (interact with an NPC themselves).

The player starts on a pirate ship, where it will initially be impossible to escape, if the player hasn’t completed the tutorial. There is also the captain of the ship, the main character who motivates the player to go on the treasure hunt, as well as crew members who give helpful hints about the game.

Location 1: Jungle [P]

There is a vast jungle, with vines coming out of every tree. There are puzzles on the floor, where the player has to select the correct button in order to progress. Selecting the wrong option results on an enemy spawning and attacking the player.

Location 2: Rocky shore [E]

The rocky shore is basically a platforming stage, where there are also NPC who ask questions in return for a hint. Hints include thing like how to sprint or how many blocks a player can jump.

Location 3: Cave [M]

Inside the cave there is a maze, where the player is asked to select the correct path based on the questions in the entrance. Wrong answers lead to a dead end.

Location 4: Coral Rift [D]

This is an underwater challenge, where the player has to gather corals and place the appropriate number inside a chest, based on the questions asked.

Location 5: Volcano [A]

There is a rope bridge on top of the volcano that requires repair. The only way for the player to repair it is to answer multiple choice questions from the NPC who stands on the first end of the bridge. Answering one question wrong results in the quiz starting over. On the other end of the bridge is the treasure piece.

Location 6: Village [S]

The village people have a number of tasks that all rely on solving PEMDAS problems. By completing the tasks, the player can progress through the village.

Helping students remember the order of operations has led to the term: PEMDAS. With the repeating use of the word, we aim to help students contextualize its meaning. With the combination of Minecraft mechanics with mathematical problems, we aim to present the students with a different way to approach a problem, since the traditional pen and paper might seem tedious. Tackling challenges in such a way seems less intimidating to student and therefore can rationalize their attitude towards mathematics in the classroom.

This game course integrates Game-Based Learning methods into the classroom.

Approximately 30 minutes. If a player answers a question incorrectly, the resets are quick and don’t necessitate significant replay. The game also provides a tutorial route where players who aren’t familiar with the game get a hang of the game controls.

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