Minecraft Game Promoting Media Literacy in School-Aged Children

In today’s digital age, fostering media literacy skills in school-aged children is crucial. ATERMON has taken a novel approach to this challenge by creating a Minecraft game, named “MINDING MEDIA” that teaches media literacy while keeping kids engaged. Developed collaboratively with educators and experts, this project provides a fun way to enhance critical thinking and advertising literacy.

Empowering Educators and Kids

Minding Media caters to primary school educators and students. By harnessing the immersive nature of Minecraft, the game offers educators a tool to teach critical thinking in an interactive way. This approach captures students’ attention and encourages active participation.

Collaborative Design for Holistic Learning

The game’s foundation is built on collaboration between ATERMON, educational providers, and experts in pedagogy and gamification. This collaboration has yielded a comprehensive set of resources that go beyond understanding advertising’s persuasive intent. The game aims to cultivate a deeper grasp of media messages and their impact.

Addressing Digital Society Challenges

Children aged 8 to 12 are at a critical juncture in understanding commercial messages. Minding Media game helps bridge this gap by offering a controlled environment to practice critical media skills. The game teaches kids how to critically evaluate content while navigating the allure of advertisements.

Promoting Multifaceted Skills

The game encompasses diverse aspects of media literacy. It aims to nurture skills that empower children to analyze media messages effectively. By immersing players in various media forms within the game, it equips them to make informed choices and become responsible digital consumers.

Minding Media is a remarkable tool for teaching media literacy to school-aged children. Through collaborative design and pedagogical expertise, the game fosters critical thinking and advertising literacy. By addressing the challenges of the digital era, it prepares a generation of youngsters to confidently navigate the complex media landscape.

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