Hospitality Employees in Rural European areas develop hybrid skills & Promote Ecotourism

The HERE4YOU Minecraft world is a game series focused on the subject of hospitality in rural areas. Knowing the challenges faced by workers in the touristic sector, we created 3 games that teach  how to maximize profits and visibility of hotels and restaurants in rural areas. 


To address the different challenges faced by touristic operators in rural areas, namely Digital skills, language barrier and sustainability, each the HERE4YOU games tackles in a fun and interactive way
one of these challenges. Make sure you play all of them!

The skills games are:

– Digital

– English

– Sustainability

Digital Skills

In the game, players learn to:

  1. Set up the hotel’s social media pages and optimize SEO.
  2. Protect the facility from cyberattacks.
  3. Take care of online reviews and manage the digital image of the business.


English Skills

In the game players learn to:

  1. Prepare their hotel for foreign customers;
  2. Manage online booking;
  3. Be able to take care of foreign customers in English.


Sustainability Skills

In the game players learn to:

  1. Make their hotel more sustainable;
  2. Take good care of  nature around the facility;
  3. Organize green activities that can attract more visitors.

Digital Skills

You open the hotel to the world and… none shows up to stay in it! how is this possible? Perhaps, you should promote your facility online with a different approach!

Your manager is assigning you to set up the social media account of the hotel, do you think you can do a better job that he did? Not only, it seems like viruses have attacked your computer! It is time for you to get inside it and face the malwares face to face! Are you ready for this challenge?

English Skills

Coming Soon!

Sustainability Skills

Opening a hotel in such a desolated rural place did not seem like a good idea at first. Your facility is isolated and outside the major touristic circuits. But what if, all of this nature could actually become the selling point of your hotel? Let’s go craft some fun activities that can make your customers want to stay even longer at your hotel! Ever heard of archery and horse riding?

Digital Skills – Game Summary

Players are tasked to take care of the digital aspect of their hotel. First of all, they have to update the obsolete website, taking nice pictures of the facility and creating engaging posts to make the hotel more attractive for visitors. Then, after a sudden virus attack, players have to shrink and get inside their manager’s computers, facing threats such as Malware, Phishing viruses and more. After their victory, players will come back to the hotel and learn about Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and how to reply to online comments and reviews on the brand new social media page.

Download Scenario:

Walkthrough Video

English Skills – Game Summary

Coming Soon!


Sustainability Skills – Game Summary

Players have to make their hotel greener implementing sustainable actions, such as changing the facility’s illumination with greener light-bulbs and set up info signs around the structure. Secondly, they are tasked to nurture the plants around their hotel, learning which ones are supposed to be cultivated in a greenhouse, outside or indoor. After that, it is time to set up some outdoor activities, such as horse riding, archery and mushroom hunting. Finally, players help the construction of solar panels at the ceiling of the hotel.

Download Scenario

Walkthrough Video

Helping students remember the order of operations has led to the term: PEMDAS. With the repeating use of the word, we aim to help students contextualize its meaning. With the combination of Minecraft mechanics with mathematical problems, we aim to present the students with a different way to approach a problem, since the traditional pen and paper might seem tedious. Tackling challenges in such a way seems less intimidating to student and therefore can rationalize their attitude towards mathematics in the classroom.

This game course integrates Game-Based Learning methods into the classroom.

Approximately 30 minutes. If a player answers a question incorrectly, the resets are quick and don’t necessitate significant replay. The game also provides a tutorial route where players who aren’t familiar with the game get a hang of the game controls.

Want to turn your idea into a Minecraft project?

We’d love to hear from you and shape your idea into a Minecraft game which will build a rewarding experience for your audience.
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